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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ham & Cheese for Breakfast

Waking up to a chilled house always makes our weekend tummies a bit more hungry.

Today a simple craving for ham & cheese was what we were hankering for.

We had some left over rustic asiago bread from last night's risotto dinner.

To that we added some apple smoked ham

and some slices of artisan white cheddar.

 I had every intention to smear the bread with a bit of coarse mustard before putting on the ham but I just plain forgot to do it. Next time.

The ham & cheese went into the oven to warm & melt while I started poaching the eggs.

I cracked two eggs and then added them to the simmering water.

I didn't add the vinegar to the water this time and I should have as my poaching job wasn't quite as pretty as it should of been.

Within no time breakfast was served.

Super simple, super yummy and ready in flash. Fueling us for our Saturday morning walk.


  1. Yeah this would have to be the ideal breakfast in my book. Soo good!

  2. Remembering the days when i wake up at brunch hours and made myself a perfect sandwich like this one... Only, triple the size.

  3. Such a sweet breakfast for two...I wish I can go back to the days when we have the luxury of time to prepare a nice, hearty breakfast without the rushing.It's always a rush-hour meal during mornings. Thanks for a simple yet filling meal...


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