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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All About Wine on Wednesday

This week's All About Wine on Wednesday is in honor of our yearly Columbia Valley Wine Tasting trip that was postponed this year for a variety of reasons.
Our Wine Crew: At Goose Ridge Winery, Oct. 2010
The last weekend of September/first of October has become one of our favorite weekends of the year to look forward to. About 6 years ago we started this wine weekend tradition with a few couples that over the years have become very near & dear to us. This is the first in 6 years that we weren't going to be able to pull it off.So to honor what we know will continue even with this hiccup year we thought we'd blog about some great wines that we picked up last year on our 2010 trip that we enjoyed drinking recently.

The first wine is from Cooper on Red Mountain just down the road from Fidelitas.This was a brand new winery and wine to our group last year.
Vintage:          2008
Varietal:          Pinot Gris
Winery:           Cooper
Wine Region:  Columbia Valley, Washington
Price:               $20.00ish
Sight:               Lightly golden
Smell:              Heavy scent of fruit
Taste:              Tropical fruit, light spices
Served with:   Crab Salad with Mango & Avocado June 25th, 2011 Post

Overall Impression: The perfect Summer Wine!
Occasion for wine: Enjoying one of our only sunny, warm June days of 2011 shortly after school was out for the summer.
When & Where wine was first tasted: At Cooper Mountain Winery on Red Mountain during our 2010 wine tasting trip. The last stop on Saturday of our trip. We remember that we  left pretty happy.

G’s Final Comments: “Good. Very light.”
T’s Final Comments: “I like this wine a lot.”
Overall Rating: 3+

Vintage:          2007

Varietal:          Syrah
Winery:           Milbrandt Vineyards
Wine Region:  Columbia Valley, Washington
Price:               $15

Sight:               Dark deep purple
Smell:              Spice & berry, slight hint of smoke
Taste:              Hints of plum
Overall Impression: Perfect for grilled meat or just a nice glass of wine after a long day.
When & Where wine was first tasted: At the Prosser winery on Sunday of our trip. Jim R. had recently read a review about Milbrandt which prompted us to stop by on our way out of town. We were so happy we did. We very impressed with their wines overall. Great price points. Perfect wines for every day. We left the winery with a case.
Overall Rating: 3+

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