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Saturday, January 15, 2011


What a day! Being an elementary principal brings me great joy I'd say 85% of the time. But at other times it can rip my heart apart. Whether it's sitting in on a inconceivable CPS interview with one of "my" kids, or listening to my kids talk non-chalantly about both of their parents being in jail, or being too sleepy to learn because they can't  move out of their mom's friend's house who has people partying all night because they don't have enough money,etc.....the list could on and on. But the most heart breaking is when I have to deal with an issue of an educated adult who has become an educator supposably to support and care for children while helping them learn and then treats a child in way that makes your stomach turn. Sadly yesterday my heart was breaking and I had to take some serious but needed action against a very experienced adult. It may have been the most difficult day I've had yet to date in this career.

How wonderful it is though to come home to a  vase of tulips on the dining table and the menu for Indian take-out waiting for my input to be ordered. G is often the perfect husband. Indian food has become another one of our comfort foods. We have a superb little Indian restuaurant just up the street, Gateway to India. It's a great neighborhood place. The wonderful aroma of spices when you walk in the door greet you with warmth along with the owner who always recognizes us and asks us where we've been. It's great to have these type of places to rely on and make you feel like you have a home.

We tend to be rather routine oriented in our food ordering at Gateway but tonight G suggested that instead of our usual naan, murgh tikka masala and saag aloo order that instead we try the saag gosht instead of the aloo ( lamb instead potatoes.) I know huge break in routine. We called and ordered. G went and picked it up for us while I opened a bottle of Milbrandt Chardonnay. We don't usually drink a lot of Chardonnay but with spicy dishes we like a crisp, clean white and Washington is making a lot of stainless steele chardonnays lately that we are liking more and more.

Our Indian comfort dinner was just what I needed. The accompanying lentil soup is always better than I remembered last time. The chicken is perfectly tender and spicy. The lamb was a bit over cooked. But we were still proud we broke out of routine.

Food can cure the worries of a hard day! But really it's sharing that food and experience with the one you love that is the real cure. I am a lucky gal!

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  1. T~I can't imagine. Sorry you had to deal with something so tough, but I find great comfort and assurance that people like you help guide the way for the younger ones.

    Indian is a favorite of ours too. Theo doesn't do well at most restaurants but if we go to our regular spot for Indian, he eats a whole bowl of chicken and lamb tikka masala and drinks 2 mango lassi's! Sully loves it too because Sully just loves rice any which way (and mango lassi's!)

    Love to you two! hope you can relax a bit this weekend.


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