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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Napa Inspired Meal: Rotisserie Chicken

I am still going through all of our Napa/Sonoma trip photos. Trying to get them organized, decide which ones I want to have printed, etc...While going through all these photos..the memory of our meal in Napa at Tyler Florence's Rotisserie and Wine was really sticking with me.

We decided to use the rotisserie on our grill that we've only used one other time to do our own chicken.

G created a rub with onion powder, garlic powder, ancho chili powder, chipotle powder and gray salt and pepper.

He trussed the bird and got it on the rotisserie contraption.
It immediately started to smell pretty heavenly.

We thought the chicken was going to take a full 2 hours but in a little over an hour it was up to the desired internal temperature so we decided we'd better pull it.

We tented the the chicken while I sliced the potatoes. Like Tyler instead of tossing our potatoes in olive oil as we normally would we tossed them in the pan dripping from the rotisserie.

We put the potatoes on the grill along with the asparagus.

While I was tending the grill G was cutting the chicken.

When we removed the potatoes we gave them one more toss in the remaining drippings and they were ready to go.

We decided since this was a Napa inspired meal we'd better have a Napa (actually Sonoma) purchased wine. It was the first we've opened from our trip.

We opened the Larson Family 2008 Carneros Chardonnay which won Gold in San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

It really was the perfect choice for our meal.

G's chicken was fantastic; Juicy, flavorful and spiced just right.
Those potatoes soaked up the wonderful spice from the chicken drippings. They were so good.
It was a great meal to reminiscence about the trip that I'm just constantly scheming about how to go back again.

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