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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All About Wine on Wednesday

This week's wine on Wednesday is a special treat for us!


Vintage:          2005

Winery:           Bodegas El Nido

Wine Region:  Jumilla, Spain

Price:               $50.00

Sight:               Dark plum colored, long legs

Smell:              T says: “caramel, hint of coffee”, G says: “earthy, dark cherry, black licorice”

Taste:              Just plain delicious and JAMMY

Served with:   Fresh fig crostini,  cambozola and a balsamic honey reduction sauce.

Overall Impression: Very smooth on the finish- long finish with some very slight tannin. Coats your mouth well.

Occasion for wine: Sunday evening, 9/18/ 11, while commiserating over upcoming day 5 of Tacoma teachers strike. One teacher & One principal in ONE home = both very sad educators. Also G’s new wine slogan: “It’s better to drink a wine a day early than a day late.”

When & Where wine was first tasted: This was introduced to us about 6 years ago by our friend “Rob the Wine Guy” who brought it over to an informal wine tasting at our house. We’ve purchased every vintage available since 2002.

G’s Final Comments: “15.5% alcohol makes for a BIG wine. Opened and decanted at 1:00 p.m., funneled back into bottle @ 4:30. Poured @ 5:30.

T’s Final Comments: “Just… Yum.”

Overall Rating: 4+

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