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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Dahlia Workshop

Seattle Chef Tom Douglas has yet to ever let us down at any of his restaurants and our recent visit to his new Dahlia Workshop for breakfast was what we would expect and maybe a little "and then some."

Tom Douglas restaurants bode themselves as at the core of Northwest cuisine. With 12 restaurants in downtown Seattle locations I'm not sure anyone would dare disagree.

Our visit to Dahlia Workshop occurred on a 90 degree day...the hottest day in the northwest in over a year. We had made a point on this particular Sunday to get up early, get our morning walk done and get up to Seattle early enough for breakfast. We were en route to visit the Sunday Fremont Market and then a trip to Pete's wine market to stock up on every day wines.

We arrived to a busy breakfast crowd but their was seating outside, most likely available due to the scorching I realized after sitting there 5 minutes. We went in and we both pretty quickly chose our breakfast biscuit choices. While G waited in line to order I took our table outside next to the "kitchy" chalkboard swine.

After a bit our breakfast biscuits were ready. G went and picked them up @ the counter.

G had the fried chicken biscuit with Tabasco black pepper gravy. He loved the gravy and the chicken biscuit but he was a bit disappointed to find out his sandwich didn't come with egg. His misread the menu. Next time he says he will ask to have an egg added.

This rarely happens, trust me, but G had some serious order envy going on when he saw my breakfast biscuit. It's almost always the other way around. I had a chorizo, caramelized onions, egg and herb cream cheese biscuit. Truly there are barely words to describe just how good it really was. The chorizo patty was spicy & juicy. The egg added a great richness to the whole sandwich. And the cream cheese was a perfect creamy component. And I've shared in past posts my superb fondness for caramelized onions.But without a doubt the star of the sandwich was the biscuit. Oh My Goodness kind of good. On the outside crisp with an obvious large amount of butter. The inside soft, warm and incredibly flaky.G loved that I was only able to eat half of it so he could finish it off.

After our delicious Sunday breakfast we headed over to the market to take in the viewing of local arts, crafts and treasures. It was crowded even given the unusual temperature. We had a great lemonade cocktail at The Red Door before having a slice of pizza from the clay oven pizzeria on a trailer.

G had pepperoni.

I had chicken asiago.
Good pizza not spectacular.

We ended our afternoon by picking up a mixed case of reasonable wines @ Petes. A pretty perfect kind of Sunday for us.

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