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Friday, February 11, 2011

How hot is too Hot....Really?

Here's a bit of a secret..I tend to cook a bit on the spicy side. G might even say too spicy on more than a few occasions actually. And tonight was one of those occasions. G came home from work feeling a bit under the weather and said spicy food sounded good so I decided a batch of my "fav" wings, that G also likes although he is more of a typpical vinegar based buffalo wing fan, sounded doable on this sunny February midweek day.

It's a great little recipe I found in the newspaper of all places a few years ago. We love them but be warned they are Hot! We don't deep fry or usually think a day ahead to allow them to set salted overnight so over time we've made them our own time. This is how we make them.

Best Buffalo Wings alas G&T
5# chicken wings & drummettes
4 Tbls Sriracha(asian hot chili sauce)
2 Tbls honey
2 Tbls melted butter
1 Tbls soy sauce
2 Tbls finely chopped cilantro
Salt & pepper

Prep the wings(G cuts a lot of the skin & extra fat off to please me mostly), then toss the wings with salt & pepper. Whisk the sauce ingredients together. Grill the wings until partially done. Baste the partially cooked wings on the grill with half of the sauce. Finish cooking the wings on the grill. Remove wings from grill toss with remaining sauce.

They were tasty tonight. G's brow was sweating and he had to take some rest breaks in-between but those are his usual reactions to eating my spicy cooking. He's loves it, it just makes him sweat. And if I happen to be making anything spicy when we cook for others he always reminds me at least twice to remember not to make it TOO SPICY. And although I do my best to heed his advice I always think....Can it really be too spicy?


  1. Those sound so good! ps...Spicy rocks! Happy Weekend up and over there. :)

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  3. This dish looks so tasty. Thank you for sharing!!


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