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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lola, Seattle

We are 100% Tom Douglas restaurant fans. We've eaten at 8 of his 10 Seattle restaurants. Some of them multiple times and truly we can't think of 1 disappointment we've ever had except maybe having to wait a long time to get a table. 

But our all time favorite for breakfast is his restaurant Lola. Lola has a Greek inspired menu overall.  If we are ever in Seattle around breakfast time you can count on finding us there.

 We do usually have to wait for table @ Lola. A few times we've even just given up on the table altogether and ended having breakfast at the bar. 

We often start with a mimosa or one of Lola's perfectly made Bloody Mary's. And when we are really calorie splurging nothing is better than their little freshly made doughnuts in the brown bag. We skipped them on our latest visit.

During our recent Seattle weekend we made Lola a must for Sunday breakfast.  

G had what we both typically order: Tom's 2 egg breakfast with handmade sausage and the world's all time best roasted smashed red potatoes. Believe us these potatoes are worth going off the Paleo diet to induldge in.   

This time I actually ventured from our usual and tried the Lola Bennies. Oh yeah, we've found a new fav breakfast dish here. So perfect. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are missing out by not trying new Seattle breakfast spots? But honestly we are okay with out. When you find something that satisfies this much finding something new isn't as enticing.


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