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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogher ' 12 Seattle : Day 2

Day 2 of the Blogher conference was a day I was really looking forward to because there were 2 photography sessions I knew that I could benefit from attending.
But if I thought my mind was swimming after the first day, Day 2's panel session with Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes and Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen really had my brain on overdrive. These ladies have created brands through their blogging, they are supporting themselves and their families with their blogs. I was overwhelmed and frankly inspired. This little food driven hobby could have some real potential if I want it to I suppose.
Not really sure what our next steps could be but my mind is pretty much spinning after listening to these 2 ladies.
I attended the first photography session that spilled over into a walking lunch tour of Pike Place Market. The intent was to use what we had learned in the session in an immediate hands on kind of way.
Our leader Taylor Mathis from South Carolina had a great idea that sadly was somewhat made impossible by the absolute tourist crazed venue that is the market.
If you can picture 50-70 women, cameras in hand, together, trying to capture a good shot while not imposing on the other 20,000 tourists.....Yeah, I gave up on that pretty quick.

I can come up to the market anytime and would do so on a midweek day if I really wanted to get some good shots.
So G came and met me for lunch. It was so crowded even narrowing it down a lunch spot was a chore.

But we settled on a famous Pike Place icon on Post Alley called the Pink Door.
We hadn't been there in years and we had never had lunch there.

We ordered a beautiful antipasti plate and a pizza to share.
 I unfortunately I ran out of time before the afternoon photography session so I skipped out before our pizza arrived.
Day 2: post snack lunch spread

The next session was on post process editing, another session that I really needed. It was so encouraging to hear that Brandy from Branny Boils Over spent months before ever editing her photos like I did myself. I remember hitting my head against the wall (well not literally only figuratively ) trying to figure out why my photos looked so crummy compared to all of the beauties on the Foodporn sites. Then I found out about editing.

Brandy and Bridget Ams from the Cookie Crumbles shared the most widely used work flow steps in food photography editing and the 4 free software programs they are fans of.
My heart sunk again remembering all the $$$ I dumped into my Lightroom software program & books on how to use it. It sunk even more that I gave up on it months ago and just stuck with the free Picassa editing program I 've become comfortable with.

 But after Brandy & Bridget's session I was motivated to download the more advanced free program GIMP. (I gave it a try last night and will definitely need to set some time aside to figure it out but maybe it will be the crutch that will lead into my Lightroom software eventually.) After the afternoon session I decided my head was full enough and I did a little downtown retail therapy to calm my brain down. I headed back to our room to meet G so we could get ready for the closing reception cocktail party.

Believe it or not this was a stretch for us. We aren't super comfortable at parties where we know NOBODY usually but hey this one was hosted Ree from The Pioneer Woman so even G was interested in checking it out. We had made dinner reservations at 9:00 so we decided we'd go have a glass of wine and check it out for awhile then go have our dinner out. And of course we were glad we did.

The venue was down in Sodo, rustic and very hip at the same time.

The buffet offered some pretty tasty treats including some very yummy crab cakes.

We tried a bacon chocolate martini made with bacon flavored vodka that was crazy good.

We started having a pretty good time, meeting some great people as well as taking in some fine people watching.
All of sudden it was 9:15, we missed our reservations, we were full, had our fill of wine and were satisfied with our night overall and decided to call it a night.

I feel pretty excited to be part of this new community of people with a similar interest and passion for food. And when else will I ever be surrounded by people all taking photos of their food...just like I do! It feels good to know we are not alone on this journey with loving food and all the aspects that surround it.

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  1. Wow! I've been blogging for over five years now and I think I'd be crazy intimidated to attend a Blogher conference. Way to go!

    {I'd be star struck to be in the presence of Ree. She's a favorite of mine. ;)}


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