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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breakfast at Chanterells

We had a great evening with our friends Buffy & Ron up in Edmonds this weekend. And given it was freezing and quite icy they invited us to stay over at their lovely condo so we didn't have to drive home so late and risk dangerous roads.

We all woke up a bit queasy headed after a bit too much wine maybe from the night before. G had promised me breakfast on our way at Lola's (my favorite Tom Douglas restaurant for breakfast) but we both thought why not check out what Edmonds might have to offer for breakfast since neither of us had spent much time in the cute little downtown area.

We parked downtown and walked around a bit and found a place called Chanterelles speciality foods. G decided immediately this is where we needed to eat when he read huevos rancheros on the menu in the window. So we went inside and were immediately seated for breakfast on this very cold Sunday morning. (We definitely would have had to wait at Lolas.)

I ordered a grande chai tea latte (just the fact they had them made me happy to be there.) G ordered a tall double non-fat latte and then we began to get more serious about what we wanted to order off the menu.

G stuck with his initial temptation of huevos rancheros. He was happy with portion and the flavors.

I had the smoked salmon scrambled eggs breakfast. It came with potatoes and toast. The eggs were great. I'll tell you actually when the plate came I thought this doesn't look very appetizing but the taste was superb. The eggs were mixed with cream cheese and scallions and the smoked salmon was excellent. Being a true connoisseur of fried potatoes I must tell you these ones weren't bad.

Not sure if we'll ever make it back to this cute little bistro but we were happy with our last minute change of plans for breakfast on this day.

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