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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Supper Club: St. Paddy's Day

This month for our March Supper Club gathering our friend's Jeff & Kris hosted us all with a St. Paddy's day theme on St. Patrick's Day eve. No green beer in sight instead it was a fantastic holiday spread.

The full spread of red wines and whiskeys were out for the indulging.

After finally getting the guys to step away from the libations table we were able to hear about Lisa & Derek's appetizing appetizers.

We started with some amazing traditionally Irish (at least according to Epicurious & Foodnetwork) appetizers; including these wonderfully herby Emerald deviled eggs,

and 2 different crostini's. One made on Irish Soda bread with chive butter and smoked salmon.

And finally a simple but tasty soft buttered & salted bread topped with thinly sliced radishes.

Arnie & Greg

Jeff, Kris, Jenni, Lisa & Derek

Finally, after over indulging in the fabulous but filling starters we moved on to the main course.

And of course a traditional St. Patrick's feast couldn't happen without some good old traditional corned beef, 

served with the most delicious mashed potatoes infused with horseradish and scallions and gravy.

Served along with Jenni & Arnie's cabbage made with bacon.

Although we were all admittedly fully stuffed we did have to keep the indulgence going and partake in our offering of Chocolate Stout Cake with Salted Caramel Filling & Bailey's Cream Cheese Frosting that we served with a good chocolate stout beer to fully complete the filling meal.

It was again another great meal with new food pushing us to expand both our palate and skills. 

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  1. Tons of fun adn I am still stuffed:) Jenni


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