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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gingerbread Babies

Christmas traditions are really, to us, what the season is all about and we have many of them. But the one we most look forward to each year is making gingerbread babies with our niece and nephew.

When our niece ally was 3 years old I started this tradition with her after we read Jan Brett's The Gingerbread Baby. Now she is 14 and her younger brother Spencer is 10 and our tradition is going strong. I often tease them how fun this will be when they bring their children to do this with us too.

Some years the cookies turn out better than others but the experience is really what it's all about.

This was the first year the cookies were made with our English Bulldog Sally Porkchop at our feet and we all loved having her here to experience to fun with us.

Sally loves her cousins as much as they love her.

And she helped give some serious laugh relief in-between cookies in the oven and being able to frost them.

Christmas traditions are the best reason for the season! This year our cookies turned out better than ever. We returned to the The Joy of Cooking Light Gingerbread Cookie recipe this year and decided we need to make this our EVERY year go to recipe after all!

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