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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curried Mussels on a Beautiful Fall Day

We had a perfect Fall day last weekend.

It really was beautiful and inspired a late afternoon walk

to take in the vibrancy of color and majesty of the season.

The trees are shedding their leaves. Folks are working hard to keep up with nature.

It was a time enjoy all that Fall had to offer.

All this beauty and admiring was just the cherry on top of our more purposeful stroll on the way to Metropolitan Market to pick up mussels and cod for Curried Cod and Mussels. A recipe we came across in October's Food & Wine.(Recipe Linked)

We were actually debating between this recipe and the Marseille-Style Shrimp stew from the same issue. We decided we would let the fish monger help us with our choice. Which became rather easy at the fish counter because although the shrimp looked fresh and plump they really weren't as large as we'd hoped for this recipe.So the cod & mussels it was.

We  got a bit distracted while at the fish counter and also had to pick up some oysters just begging to be grilled on this beautiful evening.

The better, but true story, would be what came first the oysters or the sparkling wine (our favorite sparkling wine actually) downstairs in our fridge just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be consumed?

Not sure what sparked what idea first but indeed oysters and "bubbles" kicked off our meal. G made my new favorite oyster sauce. And threw the oysters on the grill. I would of preferred another minute or two on the grill actually but they were still good. We tried two different varieties on this evening; the hamma hamma and the shellcove oyster. His sauce was amazing.

Next we cleaned the mussels. Yes, this yucky hairy thing on the mussels has to be removed.The beard.

Once the mussels are debearded and scrubbed and they have filter several bowls of fresh cold water they are set to go.

This recipe was interesting using granny smith apples in the base along with shallot, garlic and reconstituted dried porcini mushrooms.

The veggies are cooked with some olive oil and the best part of the dish; curry powder. Not just curry powder but madras curry powder that has bit of heat to it.

Next the mussels and white wine went in the pot along with the cod and some cream.

There is no better aroma in the kitchen than curry in my mind and this smelled wonderful. You just knew it was going to be good.

We opened a bottle of Oregon white blend called Evolution from Sokol Blosser winery. We love Sokol Blosser wines and it's such a beautiful property too.

The Curried Cod & Mussels were amazing. The broth was scrumptious and perfectly soaked up with some fresh crusty bread. We love to make mussels and clams and usually go with more a Thai Ginger & Lemongrass flavored sauce but this preparation may become our new go to broth. It was excellent and enjoyed on Saturday night while watching Bad Teacher. Pretty much the perfect lay low kind of Saturday night.

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