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Monday, November 28, 2011

Crab Rangoon

It's funny thinking back on it now but one of the first trips G ever took me to his home town in Southern Illinois he took me to Carbondale for Chinese food. Yeah, good ole Midwestern Chinese food. And I remember him telling me his favorite thing to order in a chinese restaurant was Crab Rangoon.

Now growing up in the northwest where Asian style food and flavors are at the forefront of Pacific Northwest cuisine I had my fair share of Chinese food. But I can't say that ever before that trip to Carbondale that I had crab rangoon before.

I remember the dish we ordered to be okay, didn't taste much like crab more just the cream cheese and it was served with this syrupy sweet red sauce that I couldn't tolerate but G loved. Since then G's had crab rangoon a few times but it's definitely not the thing he most looks forward to ordering when eating out for Chinese food.

For Thanksgiving we had made a crab rangoon dip that we happened to have some left over.

 I thought what a perfect treat to serve to my honey on his favorite football watching kind of day.

I took the left over crab dip out, defrosted some won ton wrappers and filled each wrapper with about a teaspoon of dip.

I washed the won ton edges with a egg yolk & corn starch water mixture and folded them into cute little pouches.

I broke out the fry baby and fried the won ton quickly.

They came out golden and tasty.

We served them with a little mae ploy dipping sauce and some blanc de blanc sparkling wine.

The perfect thanksgiving leftover snack.

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