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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spanish Tortilla with Potato & Carmelized Onion

When I saw this recipe for Spanish Tortilla made with caramelized onions on the Seasalt with food blog I knew we had to make it.

We've made Spanish tortilla a few times. Once I remember specifically for our Spain themed supper club. But this just looked and sounded so perfect for a late breakfast on the patio that we had to make it.

First I sliced my potatoes

and then my onions.

I boiled the potato slices for about 6-8 minutes and then drained them.

The best thing about this recipe was the caramelized onion. So good and worth the wait of browning them just right. The flavor is wonderful.

I added my onions to my cast iron skillet with some olive oil.

Let them start to get brown

then even browner

and even browner

until they were just right.

Next I chopped some cilantro (on the Seasalt with food blog they used parsley..cilantro sounded better to us.)

Then I beat my eggs and added a little cream too.

Then I added the potato

and then the cilantro to the skillet.

Next went in the eggs

and the onions I scattered on top before covering the skillet to cook for 25 minutes.

It came it out beautiful.

It happened be a somewhat warm Sunday morning so we were so excited to eat our first breakfast on the patio of the season. Some bubbles were in order.

And what a treat ...the tortilla was wonderful. We added a little chipotle salsa as a topper.

The onions gave it a great flavor.

It was just right for a lazy start to the "end of the weekend" kind of day.
 To get the recipe go here:

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