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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Date Night in Tacoma: Primo Grill & The Grand Cinema

For principal appreciation week some of my staff gave me a gift certificate for one of our favorite local restaurants; Primo Grill.

We decided to make a date night out of it going for dinner and a movie.

Primo is a great local restaurant in the 6th Avenue district of Tacoma. We try very hard to support as many of the local businesses as we can in the area. Luckily Primo Grill seems to be here to stay.

Primo is a great little spot....with a small bar area (that has a superb happy hour deal)
and an open kitchen.

We started with the grilled bread salad. Which was delicious with

rich balsamic vinegar and homemade sausage. (...forgot to take a photo until we had half way eaten it..ooops!)

We ordered a bottle of Power Champoux Cabernet Sauvignon to go with our meal.

G had the Grilled rib eye special with arugula and fingerling potatoes.

I had the white salmon special served over a roasted corn salad.

(sorry...photo didn't do justice at all...was too close & it's far too dark in there.)

We enjoyed our dinner and our service very much.

Next it was off to the Grand Cinema. Another local favorite movie house that plays independent movies.

Unfortunately we were earlier than the 7:00 movie that we were intending to see so we went to the 6:35 movie instead not knowing that it was a Woody Allen movie. Neither of us are real Woody Allen fans. So the movie was pretty much a dud in our opinion. But the date overall was great.

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