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Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of our Favorite Places in The Whole Wide World

Well if you haven't heard yet SPRING is FINALLY here in the Pacific Northwest. We are so sun & warmth deprived that my secretary & I were laughing that 62 is the new 80. North westerners were out in full force this week men jogging shirtless, girls everywhere in their tank tops & shorts, convertibles with their tops down. This weather really has been a long time coming for us all.

And for this particular foodie couple when the sun & heat do arrive we spend as much time on our patio as we possibly can. Often in this exact spot:

It truly is one of the small places in the world that we love to be. Our patio in our backyard has a southern exposure and this particular spot, which is the corner of our kitchen soaks up the heat like you can't believe. Its literally at least 15 degrees warmer in this spot than it really is because of the exposure and reflection evidently. So when you are a sun lover , like I am , its a little piece of heaven.

And guess what our favorite thing to do here is when we are relaxing in the warmth after a Wednesday, in May, during a full moon week in both an elementary & middle school?

Yes, we like to have a bottle of wine. No, not a glass, not that we typically ever drink just a glass, but an evening like this on the patio really warrants a full bottle. And one of G's favorite patio pairings the past 3 years has been with a Washington Rose' typically. And tonight it was a 2010 Charles & Charles 100% Syrah Rose' made by K Vintners, the 2009 Washington Winery of the year.

It was delish. I actually don't love rose' in the way G does. I drink it with him and on occasion they are good. But most often its just okay for me. But this was really good. Truly perfect on the patio at the end of a very long awaited perfectly sunny warm day. Ahhhh.... finally and with only 17 days of school left with kids in my care...Summer is really in sight.

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