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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Sunday...Another Breakfast

We used to be a fairly routine oriented weekend breakfast kind of couple (during the school week breakfast has to be on the go. For G that means fruit and yogurt that he takes to the office. For T that means something that can be eaten in the car, typically a breakfast shake or bar with a banana for a "before kids arrive" second course.) But usually on Sundays we'll make breakfast. Until recently that was usually either a breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito. But now that T has finally learned a new appreciation for eggs prepared other than scrambled we've been experimenting.

On this particularly rainy spring Sunday we did a planned sleep in kind of day and when we did eventually decide to venture out to the kitchen we were in the mood for something different. We decided to just kind of wing it with what we had and what also sounded good. We'll call it an OPEN FACED EGG & BACON SANDWICH (?).

First we made some bacon in the oven. We learned this trick a few years ago and we'll never go back to frying it on the stove top. (I hate all that grease going everywhere and the smell.) We line a baking sheet w/ foil and then lay the bacon out and cook it in the oven at 500 degrees. No flipping, no grease spattering. And when its done and you remove the bacon to drain on paper towel you just let the grease coagulate and throw out the foil. Really...much less clean up. Love to cook bacon this way.
It really turns out great.

Next I poached some eggs the way I learned on YouTube; putting the eggs first in the water with a small bowl,  with a little vinegar in the water and creating the swirling motion. G toasted some English muffins.

Next I made the Horseradish cream sauce with tarragon that I adapted for our Smoked Salmon hash breakfast.

We lined a smaller baking sheet with foil. Next I slightly stacked the English muffins before laying the bacon on top,

 followed by the poached egg.

Next I topped each egg with a slice of swiz cheese and put them in the broiler for about 3 minutes (until the cheese got bubbly.)

We pulled them out of the oven and transferred them to plates and added the horseradish cream sauce as the final addition.

They were quite tasty for winging if we do say so our selves.

The only thought we had half through was "this dish deserves some champagne." Unfortunately our champagne supply was depleted so we had to go with coffee and V8. But next time we'll make sure to plan ahead and have it on hand.

One thing we both know is that over time we've learned what flavors compliment each other and with that confidence we've had more and more success just building on dishes that sound good. It doesn't always work...but this open faced egg & bacon sandwich idea was a winner.

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