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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Good Night for Katie Downs

So G would say the Seattle/Tacoma area doesn't have great pizza. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago so that's where you have to go have "real good" pizza in his mind.

But we do have a few places that he thinks are pretty good and Katie Downs ,which is just down the hill from us  and on the water to boot is one of them conveniently.

It happened to be a pretty nice weekend after all (60 degreesish nice, but still nicer than it has been at least.) We met some friends down there to sit out on the deck, strategically placed directly under the heat lamp for me.

Katie Downs is a great place during the summer to enjoy the beauty of the Puget sound and the mountain ranges. And the food is good too. Very casual, mostly known for it's deep dish pizza and burgers. But they do have several good seafood dishes to choose from as well.

When we arrived we were all hungry so we ordered beer, of course, for  many years Katie Downs only served beer & wine it does serve cocktails now but we're pretty accustomed to going there for a beer so that's what we usually have.

We order two appetizers to share amongst the five us; Shrimp Diablo and Onion Rings

They make awesome onion rings, perfectly beer batter breaded served with tarter sauce. Always a good choice in our opinion.
One of our dinner companions was craving some seafood so he ordered Shrimp Diablo. We had never had it before and thought it'd be great to try something new.

Sadly the shrimp was far over cooked and quite rubbery. But the sauce was also just a bit funky tasting I couldn't put my finger on what the funky taste was but to me it tasted like how stinky feet smell. Not good. We wouldn't order that one again.

Next we moved on to what really brought us into Katie Downs in the first place; pizza.
A large sausage and mushroom for everyone else.

I had a craving for a My Pie Great White (an individual pizza with white sauce, chicken and artichokes. I love this pizza.)

We all loved our pizza and our evening. Katie Downs is just one of our home town places we love to take out of town guests, meet at with friends or go just the two of us to enjoy the view and some good food.

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  1. Love Katie Downs. Arnie used to take me there for lunches on the deck on beautiful days before I moved up here; I loved the sun and the view and all enough to move here and we still love that place!


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