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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vietnamese Chicken Pho

You know that age old question, "what came first the chicken or the egg?" This post kind of reminds me of that question. Since becoming a food blogger it seems I'm always now on the look out for cool, photogenic, unusual vessels to photograph food in or with. And these bowls that I found at Crate & Barrel after Christmas came first before the soup was ever a thought. But ever since I bought them I've been on the search for a great Asian style soup to make to put them to good use. 

Actually ever since I made the chicken & shrimp wonton with lemongrass broth a few weeks ago I've kind of been on a yummy, fragrant broth craving kick. I was searching for flavorful broth to make and I came across this recipe for Vietnamese Chicken Pho Ga on Kim's Rustic Garden Bistro blog. When I saw the broth had anise and cinnamon stick I figured this was a broth worth making. 

I started making the broth and realized this was going to be at least a 2 hour commitment. Cooking the chicken in a bath of onions, garlic, anise and cinnamon brought an immediate wonderful aroma to the kitchen.

The broth cooked and cooked and became wonderful. I  pulled the chicken off the bone and then shredded it and made the noodles. 

Creating the soup was like layering a bowl of yum. I started with the cooked noodles.

Then layered on the shredded chicken, sliced onions, spinach, Thai basil and sliced green onions.

Then I ladled the broth over each bowl and topped them with some fried quail eggs and crushed red peppers. 

The pho was excellent. It sadly lacked a bit of salt. The broth tasted perfectly seasoned on it's own but I guess once poured over all of the other ingredients it kind of lost it's potency. 

It was great and the quail eggs were just a nice added treasure in the soup. 

I'm sharing the link to Kim's blog so you can check out the recipe and give it a try yourself.

Rustic Garden Bistro 

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