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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chinese Style Egg Rolls

Last summer I was determined to make some delicious  springrolls/eggrolls. I searched and found several recipes. Planned and plotted ideas for days until I finally decided to go with Marc's recipe found on his blog "No Recipes." Yeah, evidently he's an ironic kind of fellow.

Summer 2013 recipe making
But what I liked about his recipe is that he did a great job with a detailed step by step plan that made me feel confident in being able to successfully make them. 

Summer 2013 recipe making
I followed his steps pretty strictly.

I planned and then started rolling, his idea to lay out several at a time was helpful.

Finally, I was ready to fry them up.
Summer recipe 2013
They looked pretty great and I was excited with my success.
Summer 2013 recipe
We had them on the patio to celebrate a nice August weekend meal.

But here's the thing. They weren't great. The filling was fantastic but sadly I bought the spring roll wrappers at our typical grocery store. Bad choice. They were crisp on the outside of the wrapper but the inside of the wrapper was like chewy. Not at all like a crisp spring roll.

See even back in August I had come across Jaden's recipe on Steamy Kitchen and she specifically said, "don't buy the wrappers at your Western grocery." You need to buy the frozen kind you find at the Asian market. But I was attracted to Marc's recipe because he used the noodles inside the roll which I like. As typical you live and learn. Buy only the wrappers you find at the Asian grocery.

So last weekend I decided to give them try #2. But this time I went with Jayden's advice and made her recipe too.
Making the filling - Winter recipe 2014
It all started out good.
Winter recipe 2014
I even tilted the filling after it was cooked to drain the juices on Jayden's advice.

Winter recipe 2014
I rolled them carefully, making sure to not leave space inside.

Winter recipe 2014

This time I used my little fry baby gadget too which was a good option for frying in the winter as I typically only deep fry outside on the grill burner to avoid that deep fried house smell. They turned out beautiful, light crisp and not greasy at all.

So here's the deal the wrapper on Jaden's recipe was perfect. But I have to say I like the filling fixing from Marc's recipe better. I think it was the noodles that I love. 

But they both taught me a lot about making eggrolls or spring rolls.


Links to both of their recipes below.

No Recipes

Steamy Kitchen

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