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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grilled "Red Hot" Wings

Having married a truly Midwestern boy chicken wings are part of our regular menu rotation. To be honest I actually can't recall ever having had chicken wings prior to being married (I wonder if that's a fact? I think it may be so.)

Now G's real idea of "good" chicken wings are battered, deep fried with a heavy vinegar base in the sauce. We've compromised on some of those factors for the ones that we make at home over the past 13 years.

Our current wing compromises include:
1) As much fat & skin trimmed as acceptable
2) Grilled
3) Only slight vinegar taste

We've made some great versions. One of our favorites is made with siraccha and honey and is wonderfully spicy. Another version we made was a soy sauce and mustard sauce that was also very tasty.

But some nights we want to eat a little more quickly than preparing those types of sauces entail so we go to G's stand by; Frank's Red Hot sauce.

He adds a bit of melted butter at the end so it helps tame some of the vinegar for my liking.

He trims the wings

adds a bit of salt & pepper

before putting them on the grill.

It takes about 12-18 minutes on the grill depending on the size of the wings.

 I chopped some potatoes and
and jalapenos

We made some jalapeno, cheese potatoes that we've been digging lately.

We also chopped up some red leaf and made

 a salad with some local strawberries to round out our meal for the evening.

G then coated the wings with his Red Hot sauce and some butter.

We sat the patio table and we were ready with a quick "go to dinner" within 30 minutes.

The wings were saucy and delicious.
Always an easy "go to" type of dish when we're not in the full "let's cook" kind of mood.

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