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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dinner at Whoop Em Up Hollow Cafe in Waitsburg

I don't really want to believe that's G's preference for our camping spot outside of Walla Walla was 100% because it was close enough to go out to dinner at the Whoop Em Hollow Cafe in Waitsburg but knowing my husband it's fairly likely to be the reason. (There are many reasons we found each other and a love of food is definitely 1 reason.)

Regardless we were both excited to go back to the restaurant that we spent our 10th anniversary dinner at again almost a year later.

As mentioned in the camping post we love the small town atmosphere of Waitsburg it really feels like life just has to be at a slower pace here.

We were excited to bring Ally & Spencer, knowing they are not adventurous eaters in any way, shape or form.... but how could they not love the simple comfort food served at the Whoop Em Up?

The first thing we were sure they'd enjoy were the hush puppies.

Crisp & crunchy on the outside. Soft and full of corn, jalapenos and red peppers on the inside. Served with a fantastic buttermilk sauce. G & I both love them. But the kids were excited until they found the veggies on the inside. Forgot about that.

I had the roasted romaine salad along with my entree.

It was fantastic with pickled red onions, a crunchy pesto crouton.

G went for the soup of the day;

Cream of avocado. Which was rich and deliciously fresh tasting.

The kids both went for the chicken fingers & fries.

The fries were a big hit with the whole table.

G ordered one of the specials of the night

Chipotle apricot ribs with a jicama slaw..He was in heaven and not willing much to share.

I went for the harissa glazed chicken breast

served with an amazing grilled watermelon salad

and a grilled polenta cake. (We can't wait to create the watermelon salad ourselves.)

Dinner was served with some wonderful looking corn muffins and baked breads..

but to be honest after the hush puppies, salad & soup we just couldn't save room for the breads.

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