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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Typical Makeshift Meal

I know we are not the only people who come home from work and just can't decide what you want to eat for dinner. To be honest it really doesn't happen in our home too often. One because we love food and cooking and two it always seems we have a stack of recipes we are wanting to make.

But on this Thursday evening of late we both just weren't in the mood to cook nor the mood to make a decision so we went with our usual "Friday Movie Night" go to meal: cheese, salami, fruit, crackers, baguette and olives. The combination differs based on our mood and availability.

This latest makeshift meal included Cambozola(a creamy light blue cheese), Gouda, Double cream brie, sesame crackers, peppered salami, strawberries, pear and a pink lady apple.

It is one of limited perks of being childless, no youngons to feed appropriately so we can just go with whatever meets our fancy. On this evening this met our craving in front of American Idol and The Office, finish up the last glass of wine from two separate bottles opened earlier in the week.

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