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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Fennel Themed Supper Club

We just kicked off our first gathering of Supper Club for 2013. The horrible flu hit one of our families so we were a smaller crew in January. 

The Guys staying out of the kitchen

Jenni & Arnie hosted us all. And they choose the fabulous theme of fennel. Is there any better tasting Winter veggie than fennel. Maybe, but it's definitely in the top 5. 

We kicked it off with an appetizer platter of Smoked Salmon with Grilled (roasted) Fennel and Red Onion Crostini. We found the inspiration on Epicurious, it called for smoked trout but we not huge fans of trout nor is it as easy to find and smoked salmon is.

 It was supper yummy. 

We moved from the appetizers to the dining room table.

Next we made a Creamy Fennel and Potato Soup also from Epicurious. 

Kris & Jeff made a wonderful Roasted Vegetable Salad with a Honey Dressing. A recipe they found on My Recipes.

Jenni & Arnie's main dish was a fabulous Braised Lamb Shanks with Fennel and Baby Potatoes from Bon Appetit.

As always we had plenty of great wines and one interesting Mangria to go along with our meal.

As usual I forgot to get photos of the dessert...arggghhh...we had some very tasty chocolate cupcakes with vanilla been and java chip ice cream. It was a perfect ending.

It was a good night with awesome food. We are all in agreement that fennel is delicious! 


  1. Fun night and beautiful photos, Tammy! Jeff had a Mangria migraine Sunday morning. :) Kris

  2. I know me too. That Mangria was dangerous.


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