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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Steamed Manila Clams with Chorizo

We kicked off our 2012-13 Supper Club this September with a theme that never tires....Mexican hosted by the lovely Jenni & Arnie. Oh yes, we were hooked at Chipotle and chorizo.

Most of the menu recipes came from the May 2003 Bon Appetit. The great thing about Supper Club is that it gives us the opportunity to do things like pull out those old recipes that we stuffed away for just the right occasion. And that"s exactly how this Mexican theme came our together.

It was our first gathering after our 2012 summer hiatus.

Its always great to gather and catch up on each others lives after not gathering for a few months.

As always Jenni had set a beautiful table.

We were pleased to be assigned appetizer as we've been enjoying these Steamed Manila Clams with Chorizo and thought it would be the perfect kick off to our flavorful meal. Sadly they were so delicious that I was too into enjoying them that I forgot to get the photo until it was too late and they were all gone.

The next course made by Lisa & Derek was a superb Mexican style chop chop style made with black beans and avocado from the same May 2003 issue of Bon Appetit.

Finally it was time for Arnie & Jenni's main Pork Tenderloin with Orange-Chipotle Sauce. The pork was perfectly prepared and so well flavored with the scrumptious sauce.

Grilled veggies were served with the pork and added yet another perfect smoky flavor component.

Along with the main course Jenni & Arnie opened a beautiful bottle of Milbrandt Grenache that was perfectly paired with the meal.

Lastly our meal was wrapped up with this beautiful Mexican Brownie served with vanilla ice cream that was so warm and cinnamon spiced. They were wonderfully dense and perfect.


Steamed Manila Clams with Chorizo & Jalapeño
3 lbs. manila clams, scrubbed and cleaned
2 cups dry white wine
1 cup chicken broth
2 Tblspns butter
2 Tblspns diced jalapeño 
2 Tblspns diced garlic
1/2 cup sliced chorizo
2 loaves crusty bread, sliced

Clean clams by scrubbing w/ vegetable brush. Place in large bowl and fill with cold water. let sit for 15 minutes. Drain water. Fill and repeat 3-4 times until drained water runs clear of any sand.

Melt butter in dutch oven and add jalapeños, garlic and chorizo. When soft add wine and broth and bring to a boil. Add clams and cover. Clams are done when the shells open. Serve clams with broth and sliced crusty bread for dipping in broth.

Pork Tenderloin with Orange-Chipotle Sauce-Bon Appetit, May, 2003

3 1/2 pounds pork tenderloin
6 cups orange juice
2 teas. salt
2 Tbs. butter
3 large shallots, finely chopped
1 cup dry white wine
2 3/4 cup low-salt chicken broth
2 Tbs. chopped fresh cilantro
1 Tbs. chopped fresh chives
1 Tbs. minced canned chipotle chiles

Divide pork between 2 resealable plastic bags. Pour 1 cup orange juice and 1 teas. salt into each bag; seal. Turn to coat. Chill at least 3 hours or overnight.

Melt butter in large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add shallots; saute until soft but not browned, about 2 minutes. Add wine; boil until reduced to glaze, about 10 minutes. Add 4 cups orange juice and broth; boil until reduced to 1 3/4 cups, about 45 minutes. (Can be made one day ahead. Cool, cover & chill).

Prepare BBQ (medium-high heat). Drain pork; pat dry. Grill to desired doneness, turning often, about 18 minutes for medium. Transfer to work surface; tent with foil and let stand 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, bring sauce to a simmer; mix in cilantro, chives and chipotle chiles. Slice pork. Serve with sauce.

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