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Sunday, January 29, 2012

GCC: Asian Chicken Wings with Honey Ginger

For our last Gutsy Cooks Club entry for the month of January  we went with the recipe for Asian Fried Chicken with Honey Ginger Sauce posted on Food52.

We got our "gutsy" on with this one by totally skipping the "fried" part replaced by grilling them and making wings instead of using a whole chicken. Hey, Super Bowl is right around the corner so we figured everyone is looking for some wing alternative recipes so why not give this idea a shot.

First I started off by cleaning the wings, removing as much skin and fat as I could. Yes, I know some folks would say removing the skin & fat is sac-religious in making chicken wings but we do always remove some skin & fat when we make them.

Yuck, this was a lot of skin & fat.

Besides seasoning them with salt & pepper I added some dried lemongrass as well to enhance the Asian theme.

Next I went on to make the Honey Ginger Sauce. It smelled wonderful. I knew immediately I was going to love the flavors of this recipe.

Next the wings went on the grill. While they were grilling I decide to make a dipping sauce. I just had a hunch they weren't going to be quite as spicy as we might desire.

So I simmered together some sriracha, honey & rice vinegar.

The wings were ready to come off the grill,

and they looked pretty tasty already. We brought them in and coated them with the honey ginger sauce and added some chopped green onion.

We served them as a late Saturday lunch.
 G had his with a pale ale and I had mine with a Charles Smith Rose' that we really like.

We both agreed they were very tasty, wonderful fresh Asian flavors.

As I kind of predicted G felt that I had been a bit too heavy handed with my skin & fat removal. And I hate when he's right, but he was. They needed a little more fat. But the sauce flavor was excellent.

This recipe was an example of having all the right flavors is what is most important. Once you have the flavors where you take the recipe from there will likely be 'just right' as well.



  1. They look sooo yummy, perfect for a superbowl party plate! I also sort of cringe when I saw you trim off the fat... I was like NOOOOOOOOOO, they need that to stay nice and moist..... but, then I love a crispy wing. I have still not decided what I'm going to make this week... I'm so late is not even funny.

  2. Great idea just grilling the meat instead of deep frying and putting the sauce on the side as well! I also made this one but deep-fried it though. Delicious!


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