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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chef's Cubano Sandwich

We must admit we do love the movie CHEF. We have watched it at least 10 times now. We love the focus on food, the music and the story of friends, family and the travels. It's just a perfect feel good kind of movie.

The movie inspired us to actually find the recipe for the Cubano sandwiches he made in his food truck, El Jefe. And we'll never regret it they are absolutely delicious. I found the recipe on the Bake Space Booknook Cafe App. 

We start first with making a delicious citrus & mint based mojo to marinate the pork in. It creates a crispy crust around the moist meat.

Sandwiched between the roll is a spread of Dijon mustard, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pork roast and pickle slices. The pickles are key in this sandwich, don't skip this part. 

I really didn't think this sandwich would be my type of thing to be honest. I'm not really a mustard fan (essential to this sandwich, I mix mustard & mayo together to make the mustard tolerable for my tastes.) I'm not really even a huge sandwich fan in general. But we both agree this Cubano could make anyone a sandwich fan. 

Mojo Recipe:



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