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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cucumber Basil Strawberry Smash

Been a bit busy is all we can say for our 4 month hiatus.We had  an absolutely beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest so it was perfect to get our patio space set up for the summer days that we hope to enjoy. 

One of our favorite traditions to officially welcome the upcoming summer.

And along with a welcoming space to enjoy the warmth of summer comes a refreshing cocktail to toast it in with. 

This quick to make Cucumber-Basil-Strawberry Smash was a perfect treat to beat the "almost" heat of the first day of June.


Cucumber-Basil-Strawberry Smash (adapted from June 2014 Rachael Ray Magazine)
3-5 Basil leaves
3 Cucumber slices
2 Strawberries sliced
3 oz. Vodka
Soda water/Lemon-Lime Soda or Limoncello

Use a wooden spoon to muddle/mash cucumber and basil in a tall glass. Add sliced strawberries. Fill glass with ice. Top with vodka and your choice of soda water, soda or limoncello. (Round 1 we used diet 7up, round two we used limoncello. Round 2 was pretty spectacular.)

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