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Saturday, February 8, 2014

January Supper Club: Theme Austrian

Our January theme is exactly what we love about our 10 year commitment to Supper Club thus far. Even this many years in we are still experiencing new learning challenges with food and cooking like; Austrian food. 

When Kris & Jeff,our hosts last month, sent out the theme of Austrian it was one that actually made us go, "mmmm... not even sure what an Austrian appetizer would be." Which is perfect, it caused us to research multiple sources and find out what recipes would actually fall under an Austrian theme. 

So we all gathered at Kris & Jeff's and initially our common theme of conversation was related to the lack of snow that many skiers in this group were bummed about.

The "no faces" shot Right to Left: Greg, Kris, Lisa & Jeff

Eventually, we stopped our belly aching and moved onto the food or rather belly filling. We were assigned appetizer. We made a recipe by Wolfgang Puck ( famous Austrian chef) for pretzel knots.

Accompanied by an Austrian cheese spread called Schmierkaese Cheese spread made with cream cheese and camembert. Very good but to be honest an odd consistency and a bit more pungent than expected.

Our main course was made by our hosts who have actually been to Austria. It was a wonderful tender pork dish served with sautéed cabbage.

Of course, I can't remember the actual name of the dish and if I did I'm pretty sure I couldn't spell it even if I did remember..

Arnie & Jenni made the side: yummy beets which Jenni didn't even like as a non-beet eater but were delicious.

Finally, Derek & Lisa made the most luscious crepe dessert with caramel. It truly was the perfect ending to the meal.

As usual it was a great night and one which inspired us to really share some different ideas for future themes that were fun and inspirational. Of course two weeks later I wish I would of taken notes about our ideas. (I guess 10 years in, we are all also 10 years older too...memories are less sharp.)

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