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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Supper Club: Holiday Cocktail Party

Yeah, she has nothing to do with Supper Club except being a really cute annoyance to our guests all night. But this photo is just too cut not to share.

In our many years of Supper Club gatherings I can't remember a December gathering that fell only 4 days from Christmas.  

We were happy to host Supper Club this month. It gives me even more reason to decorate for the season, which I enjoy doing regardless. 

So with the house all ready to go we decided that actually being so close to Christmas doing a theme that would be a bit less maintenance would likely be appreciated by all. We went with a typical holiday cocktail party theme. Everyone brought makings for a festive cocktail and a hearty appetizer. PERFECT, especially since almost all of our members love appetizers. 

It was a great way to kick off our winter break. 

Table set for a potluck style meal, holiday tunes a playing..... we were ready to celebrate.

We greeted everyone with our cocktail, a Tipsy Santa. Yeah, next time we would need to use a course type of sugar for the rim to help with the Santa hat look. But they actually were pretty tasty and tipsy.

Some great apps were included in the spread. 
(Of course per my usual Supper Club photography I remembered to start taking pictures after most of the food was gone.)

We made grilled lamb chops with a creamy mustard sauce and

Sliced Steak Caesar sliders.

Lisa & Derek made a fantastic Gruyere' cheese, caramelized onion & bacon dip (need we say more, YUM!) and

Brie with Peach Salsa Crostini. 

They served a delicious White Chocolate, Candy Cane Martini also.

Jeff & Kris joined us after attending their daughters choral recital. And they brought with a great platter of greek flavored pizza pinwheels.

They also made a refreshing Cranberry Amaretto cocktail.

Since it was an appetizer theme I just picked up some frozen eclairs and bite sized tastes for dessert. But given the sweet cocktails dessert was barely touched by any of us at the end of the night.

It was a great gathering during a very busy season to just sit down and nosh on some yummy food with some people who have become our Supper Club family.

From G, T & Sally P. we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


All 3 recipes adapted from Rachel Ray Everyday Magazine Recipes. Linked below:

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  1. Fantastic arrangements for Holiday Cocktail Party! I am totally impressed with these decorations. My holiday bash will take place at one of most popular venues in San Francisco and going to have star wars theme for it.


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